Monday, October 19, 2009

1 Nephi - Chapter 7 - Versus 1 thru 22

One of the interesting things I took from this chapter was when Nephi stated that he was having to set good examples for his older brothers and he didn't know why he needed to do that. I find it interesting on the dynamics of that statement. Usually when we think of people who are setting examples for us it is our elders or people who are older than us. But as we see many times through out the history of the church that isn't always the case. Look at Joseph Smith he was just a boy when he had his first vision and with this vision came great responsibilities. I am sure in his day that it was hard for people who were older than Joseph to actually listen to him and to know and believe he was a prophet of God. Think about the way we sometimes in our own lives today dispel what children have to say or don't listen to what children are saying because we chalk it up to well they are just kids what could the possibly know... Maybe this is something we should think about the next time we are approached by a child.

Also I found it incredible how once again his brothers and others this time tried to kill him again. It is amazing to me how fickle his brothers are towards Nephi and as he stated in these verses they had even seen an angel and still they doubted and hardened their hearts towards God and still in the end he forgave them. Just think if we had this kind of compassion towards one another in today's world how would this world be a different place for you and I to live in? Do you think it would be a better place?

That is all I have for this time friends but I look forward to your feedback and comments.

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