Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 Nephi - Chapter 2 - Verses 1 thru 24

While reading this chapter I couldn't help but think to myself what would it be like to give up all of your worldly possessions and go into the wilderness and live? I can only imagine how hard that would be and here Lehi just did what was asked of him to do. What a man of great faith. He probably didn't understand fully why he was being asked to move his family but in his mind it was an easy decision to make. He picked up everything and went into the wilderness to live because he had been asked by God to do so.

It never once mentioned that Lehi worried about how they would live or survive he took the essentials with him and went to find his new home. In this day and age that would seem like a crazy thing to do. If you witnessed your friends or family just all of sudden one day pick up a few belongings and go off into the woods to live you would think they had lost their minds. But Lehi didn't even think twice about what he needed to do he just did it. What a time this must of been in his life and the life of his family as his family didn't know if they would live or die in the wilderness but they had to have faith in Lehi that he was doing what he was told to do. I am sure it took a lot of faith and courage on the part of his wife and his children to follow him away from everything they had ever known and loved.

I often wonder if I would have enough faith if this was asked of me to do? Could I up and leave "everything" if this is what was asked of me from our Heavenly Father?

As always feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this topic.

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