Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 Nephi - Chapter 4 - Versus 1 thru 38

When I was reading over these versus I was impressed at how Nephi didn't want to Laban. He really struggled with if he should kill Laban or not. In the end we know what he decided to do but I can only imagine how hard that must of been on Nephi to have to make that decision. I was also impressed with the thought process that Nephi went through to make this decision. I hope and pray in my own life that if I was ever posed with this same situation I would have the faith and foresight to be able to do what God wanted me to do and to know that what I was doing is right.

My question for the day is this - Have you ever been in a situation like this? If you have do you feel you did the right thing?

Till next time,

Mr. S


  1. That always impressed upon me as well at how much Nephi thought about what had to be done. We know he was faithful, and he still struggled with following the command to kill Laban.

    I myself have never really been in a situation like this, but like you, I hope I have the willpower to do whatever it may be that the Lord has in store.

  2. I too hope that I am able to do whatever the Lord asks.