Sunday, August 16, 2009

Relief Society Lesson Today

Today in church we had a very good Relief Society Lesson. Before reading the lesson today I wasn't aware of all the things the Relief Society does for the ward. I have always known they are an important part of the ward but I didn't have any idea how they got started or what they did in the early days of the church.

I am very thankful and grateful that such an organization exists in the church. One of the brothers today told a story of when his mother had needed a surgery and was laid up for 3 weeks. During this time his father needed to continue to work to pay the families bills and wasn't able to stay at home with the children. What a pressure and strain that must of put on that family. But he continued his story to talk about how the Relief Society President had heard of this and had made a point to make sure that sisters from the ward rotated through out the day in and out of the house to watch the children, cook meals, and clean the home till their fellow sister could get back on her feet and do these things on her own again for the family. No where else in my life besides the military have I ever seen an organization that takes care of their members like this.

What an inspiration that story was to myself and I am sure the other brothers who were listening to this story. I am very thankful for the Relief Society and all they do for our wards and families each and every day and hope that as I go forward in my journey that I will always remember this story this brother shared with us today and that I will always be able to remember that everyone in the church has something to offer each and everyone of us. I am thankful for the church and for our wards. I pray that each of you will take a moment out of your day to thank your Relief Societies the next time you see them and I pray that as we all go forward we will strive to remember the parts that each of us play not only in our families but also in our wards and in the church.

*Last but not least I would like to ask you to leave a comment about a time in your life when the Relief Society has helped you or your family and what that meant to you.

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Mr. S

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  1. Luckily I haven't ever had a major illness or something like that, but when I had my babies, the RS brought in meals for me and my family. What a blessing it was to have something to feed my family while healing and adjusting to a new little one. The RS is such an inspired organization to care for the welfare of the sisters and their families.