Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 Nephi - Chapter 5 - Versus 1 thru 22

In this chapter there are two major themes that I picked out.

1. Sariah's lack of faith in Lehi that he was commanded of God to send their sons out to recover the plates. Up to this point in the Book of Mormon we haven't heard to much about any women. There have been mentions of them, but never any mention of their thoughts or fears. Sariah is complaining to Lehi about what he has sent their sons to do and she is doubting him for doing it. She begins to question Lehi if he is truly a man of God or are they wondering in the wilderness because he is crazy? I like that Sariah was able to go and talk to Lehi about her concerns and her feelings even if they were of doubt of him and what he was trying to do. I like that instead of getting mad at Sariah he was able to sit down with her and talk to her about why he was doing what he was doing and that it was important that it be done. I am thankful to see that after they had their conversation that Sariah was able to have enough faith in her husband to wait with him and I am sure comfort not only herself but also Lehi as they waited to see what was going to happen to their sons. I can only imagine the relief Sariah must of felt when she saw her sons come back to them in the wilderness and how that must of strengthen not only her testimony of prayer, but also her faith in God and in her husband.

2. The genealogy of Lehi and his fathers. I can imagine how important this was for Lehi to discover and to know. I think some of us search our whole lives to know where we came from and I think it is important for all of us to realize how important genealogy is to each and every one of us. I know that the church has always told its members how important genealogy is and that we should be diligent in doing our own genealogies to make sure that our ancestors are able to receive the blessings they need but what does that mean to you and I? Does that mean we should just do a couple of generations and call it quits? Or does it mean we should make this a part of lives and do as much as we can while we are here on this earth? I think that it is for all of us to decide but I also think it is very important that at the very least to know how important genealogy is to the Book of Mormon.

So I leave you with these questions:

How can this scripture of Sariah and Lehi be an example to all of us who from time to time have doubts not only about ourselves but about our loved ones?

What does Genealogy mean to you? and how do you make it a part of your life today?

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  1. I think this just shows a great example of how people in general should settle different opinions. Sit down, talk, let each side be heard, and come to a compromise. If we could teach our families to do this, then society as a whole would improve drastically I feel.